About Us


Founded by a retired CAF Member in 2023, My Secure Phone offers a wide variety of Security knowledge and products.  Our experience includes over a decade Serving Canada as members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Policing and Peace Officers, with specialization in Information and Communication Security. We strive to offer the best quality products to Canadians at home and abroad. 

With Information and Communication security becoming evermore important in all of our daily lives, we decided to apply our knowledge into providing the most secure possible mobile device for everyone.


We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with PortaPow and SLNT Pocket to be able to deliver even more security and privacy options to you the customer!


We are a proud supporters to those who serve:

Nurses, Doctors, Police & Armed Enforcement Officers, Peace Officer / Enforcement Officer, Military, EMS, Fire, Security Guards, Corrections Officers, Border Services Guards, Professional Search and Rescue Technicians, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Services,  Department of Fisheries and Ocean & Coast Guard, Nuclear Security Services and Armoured Car Guards.

Our pledge to you:

  • We will not sell or give your data to any third party, except when required by a subpoena
  • We will not collect any information when you visit our website which could be used to identify you, nor use any creepy analytics like HotJar, GA, etc.
  • We will not use any high-pressure sales tactics like countdown timers, phony sales, or other annoying widgets
  • We will not use our mailing list to spam you with endless offers and sales
  • We will not hype our phones using phrases like “military-grade encryption” or make unrealistic promises about what our phones can do
  • We will not charge outrageous markups on the products we sell