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PortaPow USB-C to C, Data-Blocker

PortaPow USB-C to C, Data-Blocker

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Charge your device with confidence knowing that unopened ports aren't trying to access your device


Our latest data blocker allows you to charge your phone, tablet or other small portable device safely without any risk of unwanted data transfer (‘aka Juice Jacking’) or popups on your computer/car asking you to sync.

Not only does it protect you from unknown USB sockets which may have been hacked, but unlike our other models it can also be connected between a charging cable and your device. This means it can be used in in public chargers where the charging cable is permanently connected to the charger. It also protects you from the risk that the charging cable itself has been hacked.

  • Has a male USB-C connector on one end and a female USB-C connector on the other and 2-way power, so it can be plugged into your charger or the device you want to charge
  • 15cm (6 inch) length
  • PortaPow branded ‘data blocker’ cable and red connectors so you can easily tell this is not a normal charge+sync cable


  • Please ensure your device or your charger uses a USB-C socket, almost all Apple devices do not, and many others use micro-USB or another shape socket.
  • The blocker is not compatible with extra fast charging technologies such as ‘Qualcomm Quick Charge’ ‘Samsung adaptive fast charge’ as these require data transfer to be enabled. Public USB chargers do not support these standards either but your device will still charge at normal speed.
  • Laptops and other large devices need data transfer to enable the faster charging speeds they require, so cannot be charged via a data blocker


About This Item: 

  • Charge mobile devices without any risk of hacking / uploading viruses from an untrusted USB socket
  • Connects between a USB-C charger and your USB-C cable, or between your USB-C cable and the USB-C socket on your phone/tablet
  • Not suitable for charging laptops or the iPad Pro since they require a data signal to allow charging at fast rates.
  • PortaPow Data Blockers are used by the governments of the USA, Canada, UK, and New Zealand as well as 100s of corporations around the world to secure their devices
  • 15cm (6 inch) length
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