Product Warranty



 Unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty on any phone. Thus our phones come with no warranty for the device. However less than 1% of phones have issues, and we will do our best to make it right should you encounter an issue.

A "Proof of function" video is sent to each customer prior to shipping from us, in order to ensure that the customer knows the product is fully functional. If the device is non-functional upon signing for delivery, we request a "proof of non-function" video in order to verify claims.

Physical and liquid damage is not covered.



When returning items under warranty, shipping will not be covered by My Secure Phone. Shipping costs must be covered by the customer/owner of the product. When sending the item back to its owner, My Secure Phone will cover the cost of shipping.

Exceptions to the warranty:
– Damage due to abuse, negligence or misuse
– Damage from extended wear and tear
– Damage from tampering, modifications and/or alterations
– Damage from exposure to a caustic substance